The Misper

I knew this girl, you see. A sort of a friend. No one thought she really mattered much, but that turned out to be a mistake. Because she blew a hole through my life – and the lives of everyone I knew.

Anna's found the perfect friend in Zoe: she's cool, she's smart, she's goth, she's gorgeous. If only geeky Kerry would stop hanging around and cramping their style. They'd like to get rid of her. But they should be careful what they wish for...

Zoe and Anna resort to experiments in magic to try to bring control into their lives. But as Zoe's emotional state becomes more and more fragile, Kerry bears the brunt of her anger. When Kerry disappears, everyone's lives change. The Misper is the story of obsessive adolescent friendships, jealousies, bullying – and the consequences of your actions.

The Misper was published in March 2018 by The Conrad Press..